MARCUS, David (1980) Specific antiphrastic euphemisms to have an effective blind person in Akkadian and other Semitic languages

MARCUS, David (1980) Specific antiphrastic euphemisms to have an effective blind person in Akkadian and other Semitic languages

Journal of one’s Western China Community 100: 307-310. Technology report for the linguistics; talk shows a number of fascinating situations from the perceptions to help you blind and other disabled people in the newest old Middle eastern countries. (Says the brand new routine wherein anyone factors a beneficial blind or otherwise handicapped individual flow a buffer stone or destroy a monument, to get rid of the newest punishment otherwise curse who does or even slip towards the fresh new instigator. Pick Cassin, above; and additionally Falk).

Al-MARGHINANI. The newest Hedaya or Book. A discourse with the Mussulman legislation. 2nd model. transl. C Hamilton, ed. S Grady (1870), reprint 1975, Lahore: Largest Book. See list entries: Blind; Youngster, Children; Split up (Ch.I, off a stupid individual; Ch.IX, off expiation, submissives which have defects; Ch.XI, partner leprous, scrophulous or nuts; Ch.XV, fix with other affairs, a father & mother); Dumb, Dumb people; Foundlings; Guardian (state of mind of an excellent lunatic lady) Infants; Idiot, Idiotism; Suppression (operates abreast of babies, submissives, & lunatics; Ch.II, out of tiredness regarding brain); Lunacy, Lunatic; Maniacs; Property (depletion from a child or lunatic); Discipline (Ch.II, whoredom the full time by newborn otherwise idiot; or just who goes blind); Safeeya; Sale (Ch.III, review out-of good blind people, faults experience in order to people; lunacy operates just like the a continuous problem; Ch.X, okay obtain by maiming); Wills (Ch.IV, or to the fresh new orphans, blind lame); Zabbah (given the guy getting . newborn or idiot); Zakat (maybe not due regarding infants otherwise maniacs); an such like. These types of imply ranged applications out of laws so you’re able to disabled people, e.g. entitlement to some protections & difference away from fees or punishments, incapacities because witnesses or perhaps in purchase out of team, etc. (Speaking of talked about during the higher detail in lots of Arabic court texts).

The new splendid divine monkey Hanuman, a beneficial newborns imaginary mate, is both illegitimate and deformed

) Impairment within the Jewish Rules. London & Nyc: Routledge. xii + 260 pp. Marx studies in detail new rabbinical arguments to your Jewish legislation (halakha) because placed on those with certain kinds of impairment in the past a couple of millennia. The target is to expose and you can recommend means of cutting particular of your mutually inconsistent perceptions contained in this Jewish courtroom practice, and also the disagreement anywhere between Jewish law and you can progressive euro-american secular philosophy and you will ideologies up to handicap.

MASSON, Jeffrey Yards (1980) The newest Oceanic Effect. The newest sources of spiritual belief inside Ancient India. Dordrecht: Reidel. pp. 110-24, “Notes to your Kubja the new Hunchback and you may Krishna, with a few findings into perversions.” Converts and you may speculates into the levels out-of an event ranging from Krishna and an excellent hunchback lady (Kubja) where Krishna straightens their unique muscles and you may possibly produces fun out-of her, otherwise flirts with her, otherwise renders like to their, or each one of these things, in numerous systems. (See also Noel Sheth, 1981, The new impressive Krishna, Indica 18: 1-6; and Sheth, 1983, The newest excuse having Krishna’s fling into the hunchbacked lady, Purana twenty five: 225-34.)

MASSON JM (1981) Hanuman because the an imaginary companion. Log of your own American China Neighborhood 101: 355-361. Masson, who had been good Sanskritist following practised psychoanalysis, contends that world of Ramayana is actually an effective youngsters’ world.

Interpretation from a very influential remarks by 12th century attorneys, providing membership of your own significant courtroom colleges from Islam, put more many years in Middle eastern countries & Southern area China

MAS`UDI. Brand new Meadows away from Silver. The fresh Abbasids. Transl. & ed. P Lunde & C Brick (1989) London: Kegan Paul Around the world. Al-Mas`udi (c. 896-956) offered a lot more day to day life and you can humour than most historians, and additionally reports off handicapped somebody. New Caliph Mansur and a great blind poet (pp. 21-23); the unappealing, crippled and you can clear-witted Ahnaf ibn Qais (61); an excellent madman labeled as ‘Sheep’s Head’ (68); an excellent bonesetter deals with Caliph Amin’s hand (142); records depicted of the passages of the blind poet from Baghdad, Ali ibn Abi Talib (146, 151-53, 156-65); population regarding Kufa favor a deaf guy so you can plead their situation in advance of Caliph Ma`mun, that he really does which have delicate laughter (193-94); Caliph Mu`tasim disobeys doctor’s commands (224-25); customers crashes related to infirm otherwise blind members of Baghdad (228); Caliph Wathiq and you may medical technology (233-35); ugliness out-of Jahiz grounds his rejection once the tutor to your sons away from Caliph Mutawakkil (249); problems and you will loss of Jahiz (309-11); humor and you can self-preservation of are greek women really hot one’s blind Abu al-Ayna (322-34); former-Caliph Qahir’s payback to own losing his eyes (409-410); Caliph Muttaqi has their attention gouged out (415); the newest warrior Utrush ‘The Deaf’ (425).


درباره مرکز تحقیقات بیماری های عفونی کودکان

بخش عفوني بيمارستان مركز طبي كودكان از شناخته شده ترين مراكز معتبر علمي- آموزشي در ايران است كه در سال 1347 تاسيس شد. اين مركز با بهره گيري از اساتيد مجرب بر حسب نياز جامعه اسلامي علاوه بر خدمات آموزشي و درماني در زمينه فعايتهاي پژوهشي نيز فعال بوده است. از آنجا كه بخش عفوني علاوه بر آموزش دانشجويان پزشكي و دستيار تخصصي كودكان دستيار فوق تخصصي عفوني را انجام مي دهد وجود آزمايشگاه تحقيقاتي كامل و كار آمد براي ارايه سرويسهاي تخصصي و فوق تخصصي به بيماران و همچنين جايگاهي براي انجام مطالعات پژوهشي در قالب پايان نامه و يا ساير موارد پژوهشي لازم و ضروري به نظر مي رسيد تا اينكه با سعي و تلاش بنيانگذاران اوليه از جمله مرحوم استاد دكتر احمد سيادتي و ادامه مسير توسط نيروهاي مجرب تازه نفس فضا و امكانات لازم و همچنين وسايل و مواد آزمايشگاهي مختلف با بودجه هاي دولتي و كمكهاي مردمي فراهم شد.

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