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February twenty-five, 1939 Scott College report: March “A”’ Award Move – Helen Buresh, Milford Wencel; “B” Award Roll – Dale Kubik, J

February twenty-five, 1939 Scott College report: March “A”’ Award Move – Helen Buresh, Milford Wencel; “B” Award Roll – Dale Kubik, J

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R. Jenista, Elvin Vavra, Donnie Balaban, Fred Cadek; Prime Attendance: Donald Balaban, Mary Ellen, Donnie, Gene, Costs and you can Dorothy Metzin-ger, Milford Wencel, Elvin Vavra, J.R. Jenista, and you may Fred and Joe Cadek. Rutha Dean Shoffner Glasse instructed Milford Wencel and you can she trained Wayne Wencel. Scott College or university on the 12 months 1946 (ap- proximate). Rutha’s father is the new professor. Rutha Dean and additionally instructed within Scott University from 1948 so you’re able to 19. It included: Cello solo – Wanda Kloefkorn; Musical – Arnold Su-bera and Charles Krenek; Harry Jenista exhibited clips which youngsters preferred. Get ten, 1939 Mrs. Adolph Balaban try hostess so you can a small grouping of college students Could possibly get eight in honor of their own young buck Don–ald Eugene’s seventh birthday. Refreshments of good fresh fruit green salad that have • whipped ointment, light and you will black pie and you can likes of all of the big date suckers and you may balloons was in fact offered for the nothing website visitors including: Donna and Doris France, J.Roentgen. Jenista, Elvin and you will Betty Ann Vavra, and you can Milford Wencel. APriI 23, At the Scott College or university, Milford Wencel, J.R. Jenista, and Fred Cadek was those types of having best attendance to the seasons. Milford and you will J.Roentgen. in addition to had averages a lot more than B for the entire 12 months.

The new guides constantly rates somewhere within $. Some of the guides made use of but not were loaned. When you look at the 1890 it voted to build a beneficial coal home who does hold a couple many coal, also to bore a properly. Inside the 1901 it voted to engage Ada Lassel to educate to have the winter days of course she ended up sufficient to allow their own show summer time too. She performed really and not just instructed the season, but the after the seasons as well. During the 1917 the present School house is actually created at a cost out-of $step three,, including new desks, heater, guitar, coal and you can insurance policies. The full for wood is $step one,. Russel P. Mendenhall underbid B. E Crosslin from the $75, his quote are $387. The latest members of your neighborhood Anti Horse Thief Association, now-known since the Anti Burglar Connection, contributed work to generate the fresh new basement.

This new Scott School house today belongs to Bluff township

1954 $cuatro, During the 1953 yet another really try drilled. An electronic push, commode, and you can hot-water heater was in fact hung. There were at least step three liquid wells. The first one to southeast of your own School-house, another northeast of one’s School-house, plus the last that drilled from the south-side of strengthening. Good coal missing was previously to the west of the school Home however, has been went for many years, since the basements of present strengthening was applied getting storage coal. New horse barn which was southwest of your School house try went out a short while ago. A beneficial Merry-Go-Bullet sold in 1927, swings and you can teeter-toter have got all been taken from new park. There were as many as 29 youngsters browsing college or university in a single season during the Scott College or university. People proven to have seen an enthusiastic 8-seasons best attendance record are Frank Kubik, Fred Cloud, and you will Stella Subera. Within the 1954 the newest Doster University strengthening was offered so you can Charles Grimm and also in 1956 Area 201 is actually annexed so you can Caldwell District 20. Kindergarden children attended the latest Caldwell school birth January, 1956, and values university when you look at the Sep of that season. April twenty eight, 1955 February twenty-seven, 1934 Scott college or university class trips Arkansas Urban area. It noticed Arkansas . Urban area Milk products Relationship, This new Every day Travelers and you can KSOK radio sta-tion. Youngsters making the trip, was basically Vlasta Albert, Wayne, Wencel, Paul Prochaska, Jeanet-te Buresh, Carolyn Wencl, Ruth Bobek, Linda Buresh, Sharon Volavka and Connie Kloefkorn. Past conference away from year stored from the Scott Literary. Specific numbers into the program were: Songs by Charles and you will Rose Krenek and Solo of the George Buresh.

Wages upcoming season was take home spend. Late. Grove from Doster take to 61 jack rabbits and you may 11 cottontails so you can earn the new https://kissbrides.com/hot-asian-women/ award for the most rabbits in the Blackstone hunt. The sample was 423 jacks and you may 93 cottontails. March nine, 1938 Doster Boosters 4H Club suits. A speech from the Apo-lene and you will Anna Kolarik gotten with the girls and something by James Chief and you may Maximum Kolarik to the boys. Helen Hoyt and you can Anna Kolarik done an effective duet and you can Skip Hoyt discussed music really love. July twenty-two, 1920 Offer to have “The store during the Dos-ter” Peaches – 95? gal. Vocal unicamente, Kathy Kloefkorn; keyboard unicamente, Ruth Bobek; singing duet, Connie & Trudy Kloefkorn; piano unicamente, Sharon Volavka; discovering, Gerald Volavka; guitar unicamente, Connie Kloefkorn. March six, 1919 The latest A beneficial.


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بخش عفوني بيمارستان مركز طبي كودكان از شناخته شده ترين مراكز معتبر علمي- آموزشي در ايران است كه در سال 1347 تاسيس شد. اين مركز با بهره گيري از اساتيد مجرب بر حسب نياز جامعه اسلامي علاوه بر خدمات آموزشي و درماني در زمينه فعايتهاي پژوهشي نيز فعال بوده است. از آنجا كه بخش عفوني علاوه بر آموزش دانشجويان پزشكي و دستيار تخصصي كودكان دستيار فوق تخصصي عفوني را انجام مي دهد وجود آزمايشگاه تحقيقاتي كامل و كار آمد براي ارايه سرويسهاي تخصصي و فوق تخصصي به بيماران و همچنين جايگاهي براي انجام مطالعات پژوهشي در قالب پايان نامه و يا ساير موارد پژوهشي لازم و ضروري به نظر مي رسيد تا اينكه با سعي و تلاش بنيانگذاران اوليه از جمله مرحوم استاد دكتر احمد سيادتي و ادامه مسير توسط نيروهاي مجرب تازه نفس فضا و امكانات لازم و همچنين وسايل و مواد آزمايشگاهي مختلف با بودجه هاي دولتي و كمكهاي مردمي فراهم شد.

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